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Zymen Tagasalo
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Inspiration Zymen Danseker
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Amazigh
Gender Male
Age 1600 years
Date of Birth 400 CE
Hair Color As Human: Black
Eye Color As Morph: Cream

As Human: Green

Homeplanet Mergen, Kingdom of Magla
Occupation Corsair


Affiliation Kingdom of Magla (400-910)
Foes Tagasalo family

Anshan Cyrus

Galactic Alliance

Mother Ouissal V
Father Dross Tagasalo XI
Spouse(s) Uxori Tagasalo
Children Two magkahalo step-children
Friends Jordanes Ricimer

Raigo Kass

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius-level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Human male of Amazigh descent
Weaponry Tywysog sword

Basher pistols

Attire Royalty raiment

Flag of Mauritania shoulder patch

Zymen Tagasalo, born Tagasalo XII by his family, is a Hunyago corsair. In the Human Readiness Committee, he is known as the Bio-Morph of Mauritania. Identified as a human named Razak Idrissa. With his monarchic ties, although weak, he is a member of the Nine Sovereigns. A collective term of morphs who once held nobility in the pre-spaceflight era and survive to this day. Sharing it with Clauda Tegeirian, Crocus Nidada, Kronid Valia, Klara Razveden, Imninon Brocard, Gisela Foy, and the Lebuin couple.

Zymen was born into nobility in the Kingdom of Magla, born of the House of Telo. Close to adulthood he was to be the heir apparent to the throne. He renounced his claim after discovering he would be married off to a noblewoman he disliked. Exiling himself from both the kingdom and empire, he would become a morph corsair. Financing himself through the slave trade. Nearing the age of 1400, he married an amurru slave named Uxori. Fathering two children from her. An act that effectively stripped him of his connections to the family.

Post-FGW, Zymen eschewed the corsair profession behind to focus on his family. Settling on Epione although affiliated with the diaspora by reluctance and not choice. With Uxori's death, he walked back into the corsair profession. Leaving his only children in the care of his now exiled relatives. In 1898, he was handpicked by request of Jordanes Ricimer to join the return to Earth. Chosen as 'warden' of the Transvaal's brig.


Life as a Slaver[]

Zymen had just left the Kingdom to pursue a life of his own choice. Earning the ire of his entire family. He went to the slave stronghold of Zuccabar, located in the independent systems far away from imperial oversight. Getting a position on the slaver vessel Ubaba.

Marriage to Uxori[]

Zymen came back from a raid where he and his crew managed to capture several runaway slaves. One of them being a pregnant amurru he could sell for extra credits. In his quarters he pondered the continued life as a slaver. Feeling a slight disillusionment with the lifestyle he has been with since he left Mergen. Wanting to see his captures, he called up the aforementioned woman. She was shaking in fear of being in the presence of a wanted criminal. One that captured her to bring her back to someone she was running from. Hoping to ease the stress, he covered her in a blanket.


Zymen is a morph with a cream-colored chroma. Even with his presence away from the kingdom he was once set to rule, he still wears the green-colored royal garment given to him by his family, still in tip-top condition. Yellow crown included that has two red bands attached to each side.