General Information
Origin No Man's Sky
Homeworld Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk
Environment Cosmopolitan
Intelligence Non-sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Discoverer Somarinoa
Biological Information
Reproduction Sexual; release spores
Locomotion Sessile
Feeding Behavior Autotrophic
Distinctive Features Bioluminescent at night (during sexual peak)
Skin Color Blue to purple
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment True Neutral
Personality Mindless
Organization Solitary, Clusters, Fields
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Fungi
Other Information
Status Least concern

Zukacaps are a cosmopolitan species of fungoid indigenous to the planet Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk. An incredibly hardy species, they were one of the few to survive without issue during the great thaw.


Zukacap Field

A field of Zukacaps.

Spiny Toothpaste Wild

Zukacaps using Spiny Toothpaste for makeshift protection.

Zukacaps are almost discernible from the mushrooms of Earth to the naked eye or uneducated observer. Young caps start out blue in color, before maturing to purple. During breeding seasons, they will glow with bright bioluminescent light at night. Interestingly, Zukacaps do not all reach sexual maturation at the same time and as such, only some can be found to be glowing, even in fields. This ensures that the species will be breeding year-round, and has contributed significantly to their worldwide distribution.

Some Zukacaps take advantage of nearby Spiny Toothpaste and grow in their shadow, in order to benefit from the larger vegetation's prickly defenses.


Zukacaps are cosmopolitan, and can be found covering the entire surface of Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk. Not only that, but they were fairly common during the planet's glaciation period as well, proving the species' overall hardiness.

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