Zoaraptor Amphorian
(Seistrourosi zoaraptor)
General Information
Homeworld Kesari
Environment Marshes and Swamps
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lifespan 300 +
Locomotion Walks in a bipedal motion on land, but is better adapted to swim at high speeds just near the waters surface.
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Lawful Evil
Personality Zealous religious enslavers.
Organization Tribes
Affiliation(s) Amphorian Empire (One of the four Amphorian founder races)
NodhCohr Hierarchy (Founder and leader race, though they allowed the Technarians to co-rule with them since they had the technology the NodChohr Hierarchy needed.
Leaders Amphor (formerly), Nodh (currently)
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Kesari
Domain Biokinesia
Kingdom Kinosarca
Phylum Camptokalamos
Class Apexidae
Order Saurospondyli
Family Cryptodryptodont
Genus Seistrourosi
Species Zoaraptor
Other Information
Creator Somarinoa

Zoaraptor Amphorians, also informally known as the Red Amphorians are one of the four Amphorian sub-species'. Zoaraptor Amphorians are the most serpent-like of the Amphorians, built to swim quickly above the waters surface. While all Amphorians are venomous to a degree, their skin is most toxic compared to other Amphorian, and Zoaraptors also have fangs that allow for direct injection of venom into prey and foes. Because the Zoaraptors were so snakelike, they were spared, temporally, from the Lorc genocide until a Zalt Amphorian by the name of Amphor became a threat to the Lorcian Empire.

Scientific ClassificationEdit

  • Domain: Biokinesia "Life Set In Motion" (Biokinesians — Kesari's Complex Organisms)
  • Kingdom: Kinosarca "Flesh set into motion" (Kesarine fauna)
  • Phylum: Camptokalamos "Flexible Reed" (Kinosarcans with notochords)
  • Subphylum: Spondylzoa "Vertebrate life" (Kinosarcans with developed bony vertebrae)
  • Class: Apexidae "Top" (Amphibious Spondylzoans — dominant lifeforms)
  • Order: Saurospondyli "Reptilian Vertebrae" (Apexids with toughened, reptile-like skin for retaining moisture)
  • Family: Cryptodryptodont "Secretly Wounding Tooth" (Venomous Saurospondylians with retractable injector fangs)
  • Genus: Seistrourosi "Tail Rattler" (Zoaraptors & their close relatives)
  • Species: Zoaraptor "Life Plunderer" (Zoaraptors)
  • Binominal Name: Seistrourosi zoaraptor


Zoaraptors are the most serpentine of all Amphorian species, and are born to wade through the shallows or even to swim along the surface, but they are not as adapted to swimming below the water as either the Diplod or the Zalt. Their skin is less toxic than other species, but they have adapted poisonous fangs to more than make up for it.


Musculatory SystemEdit


Major AlliesEdit

Minor AlliesEdit

  • Fafni (formerly a major enemy)
  • Grokk (formerly a major enemy)
  • Jlell (formerly a major enemy)
  • Kuman (formerly a major enemy)
  • Lorc (formerly a major enemy)
  • Sectyd (formerly a major enemy)
  • Ytatta (formerly a major enemy)


Major EnemiesEdit

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