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Primary Information
Universe No Man's Sky
Amalgam Universe
Creator Somarinoa
Status Alive
Appearances No Man's Sky
Amalgam Online
Inspiration Jack London
Vital Statistics
Species Vy'keen
Ethnicity Virile
Gender Male
Era(s) Euclid Release Era
Eye Color Gold
Height 1.9m (6' 3")
Homeplanet Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk
Hometown Nomadic
Occupation Warrior Captain (former)
Poet (current)
Affiliation The Gek
Lambency Coalition (disbanded)
Allies Gek Empire
Foes Vy'keen Empire
Friends Associates: Muramske, Somarinoa, Stays
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Expert military tactician
Weaponry Unspecified blaster (used for self defense)
Gear Life support system

Zhot (/zɑːt/), known to the rest of the Vy'keen as "Disgraced Captain Zhot" and by the Gek as "Wayward Poet Zhot" is a former military base commander who became disenfranchised with the Vy'keen warrior way of life after becoming enthralled by the romance of poetry and prose. No longer enjoying life as a fighter, Zhot went AWOL and fled into Gek Space to avoid persecution, ending up on nearby Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk, the glacial moon of Sacowitchi Iefalt in the Yepreckerts system.

He had lived in relative solitude on the world, choosing to live alone as a way to discover himself, although he would periodically wander into the various Gek outposts that dotted the landscape whenever he needed something, or to survive the cold of the night. He witnessed first-hand the affects of the Lambency Crisis in 3416, nearly being killed by a pack of Lambency Wolves after stumbling upon them consuming the crew of the Ibbochr Dale Research Station. As the crisis situation escalated, Zhot offered his knowledge as a warrior to aid the Lambency Coalition, becoming one of its founding members alongside the Loranche Somarinoa and the Geks, Muramske and Stays.

Luckily, he survived the crisis and was forced to flee into space when the planet entered its "summer", boiling the glaciers of the planet down in an event known as the Great Thaw. His courage led to him being one of the first colonists to set foot back down upon the planet following the event, and he found himself enthralled by the new species that had popped up into existence. His favorite species was the Glendale Nemone, and he set up a cabin amongst a large field of them. It was here that he penned his prose memoir he is best known for, entitled, "Among the Glendales".

Behind the scenes[]

  • Zhot is an unseen background character created entirely by Thor Steinbach that never actually appears in No Man's Sky. Instead, he was created to expand upon the sudden change in biome and life that appeared on Zukabergo-Nama Gusuk during Thor's 3-month game hiatus.
  • Zhot is intended as a slight allegory to Jack London.