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General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Main Sequence Star
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam UniverseUniverse
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score 0
Terrain Hue N/A
Liquid Hue N/A
Atmosphere Hue N/A
Weather Class Class 5
Tectonics Class Class 0
Water Percentage 0%
Primary Terrain Superheated plasma
Sapients None
Wildlife None
Vegetation None
Political Information
Affiliation NodhCohr Hierarchy
Strategic Information
Valuable To NodhCohr Hierarchy

Zhe'vuul is the local main sequence star of the Zhe'vuul System, known as Beta Glaiius to the UFCL, as it was classified before being recognized as the Amphorian homeworld. It is orbited by 11 planets, although only the fourth planet has a name: Kesari. This is because the local Amphorians never discovered astronomy before being uplifted by the Technarians.

The Zhe'vuul SystemEdit

The Zhe'vuul Planetary System (Amphorian for "Bringer of Life") is a planetary system within an unspecified stellar system located in the outer arms of the Kyklos Galaxy. 6 of its planets are considered as inner planets and the other five are considered outer planets.

List of known celestial bodiesEdit

  1. Zhe'vuul, local main sequence star
  2. Zhe'vuul I, Hell world
  3. Zhe'vuul II
  4. Zhe'vuul III
  5. Kesari, swamp world and homeworld of the Diplods, Lorcs, Massocions, Zalts, Zoaraptors
  6. Zhe'vuul V
  7. Zhe'vuul VII
  8. Zhe'vuul VIII
  9. Zhe'vuul VIII
  10. Zhe'vuul IX
  11. Zhe'vuul X
  12. Zhe'vuul XI, ice world
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