Zalt Amphorian
(Kritozoa saltovenator)
General Information
Homeworld Kesari
Environment Marshes and Swamps
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lifespan 300+ years
Locomotion Walks in a bipedal motion on land, and is slightly better at swimming. Built for powerful leaps.
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Lawful Evil
Personality Zealous religious enslavers
Organization Tribes
Affiliation(s) Amphorian Empire (One of the four Amphorian founder races)
NodhCohr Hierarchy (Co-founder and a leader race, though they allowed the Technarians to co-rule with them since they had the technology the NodChohr Hierarchy needed.
Leaders Amphor (1st Emperor)
Nodh (during Hierarchy rule)
Zhevaria (after Hierarchy collapse)
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Kesari
Domain Biokinesia
Kingdom Kinosarca
Phylum Camptokalamos
Subphylum Spondylzoa
Class Apexidae
Order Anuromorpha
Family Pyrolingua
Genus Kritozoa
Species Saltovenator
Other Information
Status Critically Endangered (during Lorcian Empire genocide)
Least Concern (during NodhCohr Hierarchy rule)
Vulnerable (after NodhCohr Hierarchy collapse)
Creator Somarinoa

Zalt Amphorians, also informally known as the Purple Amphorians are one of the four Amphorian species. Zalt Amphorians are the most frog-like of the Amphorians, built to be able to leap large distances quickly to flee predators such as the Salamand; however they're also capable of walking and swimming, though not to the levels of Diplods. They are still better at swimming than Zoaraptors and Massocions, however. While all Amphorians are venomous to a degree, their skin is the most toxic of the four species. They also possess a tongue coated in neurotoxin that can be shot out for a ranged attack at foes to stun and paralyze them. Though they possess retractable fangs, they are small and do not inject poison. It was the Zalts whom the Lorcian Empire hunted, leading to Amphor's escape and the banding together of the four Amphorian races in order to fight back against the Lorcian Empire.

Scientific ClassificationEdit

  • Domain: Biokinesia "Life Set In Motion" (Biokinesians — Kesari's Complex Organisms)
  • Kingdom: Kinosarca "Flesh set into motion" (Kesarine fauna)
  • Phylum: Camptokalamos "Flexible Reed" (Kinosarcans with notochords)
  • Subphylum: Spondylzoa "Vertebrate life" (Kinosarcans with developed bony vertebrae)
  • Class: Apexidae "Top" (Amphibious Spondylzoans — dominant lifeforms)
  • Order: Anuromorpha "Frog Form" (Apexids with lengthened legs for use powerful leaping or swimming)
  • Family: Pyrolingua "Fire Tongue" (Venomous Anuromorphs that excrete their venom through tongue-oriented glands)
  • Genus: Kritozoa "Chosen Life" (Zalts & their close relatives)
  • Species: Saltovenator "Leaping Hunter" (Zalts)
  • Binominal Name: Kritozoa saltovenator


Zalts are perfectly at home both in the water and on land, and have very powerful legs that allow them to jump long or high distances.


Musculatory SystemEdit

Most muscles in the Zalt's body are located in the legs, to allow for their major defense - leaping away. They can leap distances of up to 20 feet with enough force, and this is generally used to leap from the land and into the water, where they can let their swimming abilities take over. Their arms are also quite muscled, allowing them to climb trees in addition to their use as swimming utensils.

Notable ZaltsEdit


Major AlliesEdit

Minor AlliesEdit

  • Fafni (formerly a major enemy)
  • Grokk (formerly a major enemy)
  • Jlell (formerly a major enemy)
  • Kuman (formerly a major enemy)
  • Lorc (formerly a major enemy)
  • Sectyd (formerly a major enemy)
  • Ytatta (formerly a major enemy)


Major EnemiesEdit

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