A baby
General Information
Homeworld ?????
Environment Forest-dwellers
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Lifespan Average is about 120 yrs
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Feeding Behavior Herbivore
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Language(s) Native Zaknon
Leaders Unnamed Zaknon Queen
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Originally ?????, now Harmonian Earth
Other Information
Status Near threatened
Creator Silvie Skydancer

Zaknon are an alien species in Harmonia mythos. Their bodies are a mixture of avian and feline anatomy, with alien twists, and they are coated in fluffy, down-like feathers. They are not exceptionally good fliers, usually using their somewhat-small wings for display purposes. Males are very bright and tall, about seven feet at shoulder, with medium-sized ears, while females are smaller, roughly five feet, with dull colors and large ears. Their colors and markings vary wildly, being effectively anything. They often wear accessories, scarves and pendants being the most common, but they do not wear typical clothing.

They originate from a once-lush planet, corrupted long ago. They lived in the time when it was lush, but since have been wanderers in the galaxy, looking for new planets to inhabit. While very intelligent, they cannot speak- they have a native language consisting of sounds very similar to Earth birds, but no language that can be translated to any Earth ones. Interestingly, there are a few dialects of this, but Zaknon speak mostly in a modern one. Most info about their home planet is in an ancient dialect, barely translatable into modern Zaknon.

Their third eye, which always has the common "cross" pupil regardless of the other eyes, is used for psionics. Zaknon are very psionically active and are capable of limited telekinesis and telepathy, but their abilities are mostly used for writing and their spirit sense, capable of seeing the souls of other creatures and acting accordingly. Depending on whether they are good, evil, or somewhere in between, their souls will appear green, red, or white to the Zaknon. (Zaknon themselves are neutral.) They do this by sensing the Victus of a being (this is a Harmonia term, it's the "life energy" of creatures and is mixed with their blood, but is in very limited quantity), and the color of the creature's soul can be seen in veiny patterns across their body, matching their circulatory system.

They are exceptionally friendly and cuddly for the most part, having a mix of avian and feline behavior patterns. They do not take kindly to beings they sense as evil, though- and will attack if provoked, using their sharp, pointed feet and beak in battle.

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