Yubertine is a mineral composed of iron and iridium, with the former being the primary elemental compound involved. It has an average metal content of 59%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Litvaardpa Dummi.

Yubertine was formed thanks to bedrock expulsion of the elements iron and iridium during the planet's volcanic era. It forms large columns of a golden hue; like other local minerals such as Blenobite, the lower section of the columns has a purplish-brown hue to them. It has a surprising level of elasticity, indicating that it is has become a shape memory metal, though the elasticity is nonlinear in Yubertine, as it is in other similar materials such as Nitinol and rubber. Applying force to Yubertine will cause it to contort, but removing the force will let it return to its original shape.

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