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The tall and thinned gangly humanoids called the Yotha of Ninlil, a world known for it's exotic beaches and most famous landmark Sharur Valley. Aside from the tall stature and unsettling movements, the yotha are mostly seen wearing constricting bio-suits needed to survive outside Ninlil's natural carbon-based environment. Leading to the dubbed 'metal head' slur. Most can stand out from a crowd among the lesser height species. With an elastic bone structure, they are able to bend or twist any body appendage into impossible positions.


The term 'yotha' is surprisingly not of a morph creation but rather a historic name used by them since the beginning of Ninlil's recorded history. In a extinct yotha dialect it translates to 'Tall body', an obvious reference to the yotha's stature.

The introduction of bio-suits for yotha led to the 'metal head' slur. Newer ones were added by other species such as 'buckethead', 'tube man', and 'tin man'.


Yotha religion is centered around pyrolatria. The worship of fire. By it's creation it adheres to a single deity called Voshu. In the more communal ceremonies two tall fire sconces are placed and using a long wooden staff that carries a fire used to light them. If done alone, two tealights are placed next to a picture of Voshu.

Apparel used by pyrolatria's involves long white robes. Most notably followers wear a cloth that covers their mouths and nose. A way to ensure the fire is pure from saliva and other contaminants.

Notable Yotha[]

  • Oriv Heesha - First post-imperial Enmessara of Ninlil
  • Looru Vesha - General of the Sol Expeditionary Force