A YogYog farm being attacked by a Vert

Main Information Edit

YogYogs are small plants that thrive at the bottom of the Paddleton Sea on Gamila. They end with hard, peanut like pods filled with seeds. More than 400 seeds can be found in a YogYog. When YogYogs release their seeds, they push each other out, and scatter after bumping into each other.

YogYog Farms Edit

Small Pattamalia called Fahe often capture the seeds released by YogYogs and plant them in rock crevices. Treating the plants with a special enzyme, they create large "farms" of YogYogs. They use the YogYogs as food and shelter, making burrows underneath the stalks. Unfortunately for the Fahe, YogYog farms are often attacked by Verts, and the tiny farmers are usually crushed.

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