Yenaaxias Otopsias
Yenaax Species
General Information
Aliases Dome-Head, Split Jaw, Yens, Greater Beings (by Lodadoiry)
Classification Yenaaxias Otopsias
Homeworld Zenozox-7434
Environment Dry, Rocky
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Lightly Build
Biological Information
Lifespan 80-150 years
Average Height 2.4-3.6 meters (8-12 feet)
Average Weight 178-232 kilograms (392-511 pounds)
Locomotion Bipedal
Feeding Behavior Omnivorous
Prey Various
Predators None (Natural), Xereyen (Invading)
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Otops Hierarchy
Personality Fierce, Nobel, Egotistical (In some cases)
Language(s) Zenoxarus (Natural), English (Learned)
Affiliation(s) Independent
Capital City Yen-Ark
Leaders High Commander, Cormant Council, Village Chief
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Zenozox-7434
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Reptilmia
Class Zaxina
Order Orpuntunda
Family Yenaaxazen
Genus Yenaax
Species Otopsias
Race Varied
Other Information
Status Least Concern (LC)
Creator Michael I. Meyer (BaryMiner)

Yenaaxias Otopsias or Yenaax are a race of highly intelligent extra-terrestrials. They are characterized by their pride and honor, along with their egotistical nature. This species is currently at least concern, but was nearly extinct after the Second Battle of Parthoon.

Anatomy and Physiology Edit

The Yenaax contain aspects of reptiles, such as scales and plates, and mammals, such as live birth and hair. As such, they are given the nickname "Repto-Mammal." Dimorphism does occur between sexes. Males are taller, with upward curving skulls, less hair, longer fangs, wider arms, and a throat pouch that inflates to produce a mating call. Females are shorter, with longer arms, more hair, and softer eyes.

Yenaax Reference

Two average individuals, standing nude from two angles.

Distinguishing features of the Yenaax include armor plating. The thick armor covers 75% of their body, including chest, back, neck, and waist, and is all but impenetrable. The Yenaax also don't have ears. They use two large spines on their backs to pick up sounds and vibrations.

The size of a Yenaax varies by individual, however usually ranges from 9-12 for males and 8-10 for females. Typical Yenaaxian specimens are lightly build and quick, yet exceptions have been made, such as the powerful Gorith Waxan.

The skin color of Yenaaxias Otopsias varies, but the most common is grey red and brown. The colors range from grey red to olive, dependent on the continent and biome the individual comes from.

Culture and Government Edit

Government Edit

The main of Yenaaxias Otopsias population is aligned with the Otops Hierarchy. They believe in a system of ranks, ranging from the poor workers to the rich land owners. The social system is very much like that of a monarchy, with the Chief of each city state having the most power. The government system actually changes in times of crisis. Dictators take over in this situation.

Yenaax Species Full

Average individuals of both sexes.

On the Yen-Ark, government is handled differently. The Cormant Council of the Honored rules in oligarchy format. An elected official of the council serves as the High Commander.This individual will control executive power, while the council controls legislative power. Meanwhile, both have judicial power.

Military Edit

Military is such an integrated part of Yenaaxian Society that government ranks depend on it. Enemies of the Yenaax include Dorians, Margoctans, Xereyens, and Humans. The government is based around military ranks. An individual starts as a minor, and can rise through Major, Sergeant, and Officer. From then, they are appointed, and can be Captains for government power or Generals for military power. Only the bravest and proudest warriors become council, and they vote to choose a High Commander from that bunch.

While technology for them is advanced, the Yenaax use rather simple weaponry. They like to get into hand-to-hand combat when possible, however also use long range and explosive weaponry. A favorite among soldiers is the Tiger-280, an electric crossbow that fires four pellets of Binak at 90 mph.

Role of Females Edit

As part of their culture, females show little participation in the military. There have been exceptions, such as High Commander Carvas Gernon, but usually, this is rare. Females usually stay home to clean up and care for children. They also live on the Yen-Ark in the city areas.

Clothing Edit

Casual Clothing-0

Clothing differs between military and home. At home, males wear long robes, while females get blue dresses.

In the military, clothing has more armored parts. They have dark Binak chest pieces with a cloth belt covering it. This cloth is colored based on rank. They also wear helmets which are also rank based, The few females in the military tie their hair into braids.

History Edit

The Yenaax gained sentience around 1.7 mya, and began the construction of simple tools. With the discovery of a mineral stronger than diamond known as Binak Ore, the industral age began 1.5 mya.

Around 1 mya, the Yenaax incountered an invading race called the Xereyens. These bug-like consumers managed to get to the planet through tiny micro-organisms carried on a meteor. The bugs began to fuse and assimilate species, before becoming a force to recon with.The Yenaax first ran into them with the Battle of Parthoon. High Commander Carvas Gernon lead a force of 30 million troops to deal with the infestation, but where unprepared for the battle.With the death of Carvas Gernon, along with 98% of her troops, came a victory over the infestation, causing the Xereyens to retreat.

In 1994, Vaneso Lodadoiry was born in the rich and powerful Vaneso family. Vaneso was to become a key figure in the war against the humans, and with the return of the Xereyens.

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