General Information
Aliases Bugs, Buggers, Slime slugs, X'es
Classification Xereyen Flodarianas
Homeworld unknown
Environment varies
Intelligence Non-sapient
Biochemistry Spore based life form
Biological Information
Lifespan forever
Average Height 4.8 meters (16 feet)
Average Weight 307 kilograms (678 pounds)
Average Length 8.2 meters (27 feet)
Locomotion Bipedal
Feeding Behavior Carnivorous
Prey all
Predators none
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Organization hive mind
Affiliation(s) independant
Leaders Kings
Scientific Taxonomy
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Xenisoma
Class Xenomorphica
Order Eretes
Family Xerentis
Genus Xereyen
Species Flodarianas
Other Information
Status Unknown
Creator BaryMiner (Michael Meyer)

The Xereyen are an invasive species of bug-like aliens from an unknown homeworld. A sac of spores from the species drifted into the cargo bay of the Yen-Ark, causing a Type 7 infestation.

Anatomy and Physiology Edit

Xereyen are normally around 16 feet tall with few exeptions and no sexual dimorphism. They have a large five foot crest sprouting from their skull, along with yellow skin and claw hands.

Xereyen are born from hosts. A spore will be inhaled by said host. Then, the first stage of infection will begin. The host gets head aches and memory loss, along with vommiting and coughing. Then, in stage two, black liquid will begin to spurt from the host's eyes, and the crest, tail, claws, and chest will burst through the host's skin. At this stage, the host still has memory of before. Finally, in stage three, the Xereyen will rip the flesh and bones of the host apart as it becomes fully grown, resulting in a dead host.

The Xereyen have a hive mind, controlled by a king. The king is much larger. It has a golden larvae-esque body with tiny claws and five to seven tails. The crest is larger, with slimy holes, and the king has humanoid teeth. The king resides in a chamber, full with slime pods. An organic mouth on the bottom of a chamber will feed the king.

Slime pods also contain hosts, except that these hosts are for the king's consumption. The drones don't show the need to eat.

Notable Hosts Edit

  • Terra Lance
  • Dresh Mhodeek
  • Gorrith Waxan
  • Mak Kanes

The Yen-Ark Infestation Edit

The largest infestation on record was the infestation on the Yenaaxian capital ship, Yen-Ark. A spore was inhaled by Dresh Mhodeek, causing an outbreak. Meanwhile, in a diamond mine on Zenozox-7434, a mining colony lead by Gorrith Waxan and Vaneso Lodadoiry dug into an ice berg and released thirty Xereyen drones, causing a secondary infestation.

Infected Yenaax

An infected ,stage two yenaax


An Xereyen king


A xereyen drone

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