Wygonakan Villager
General Information
Homeworld Ehroendus
Environment Grasslands
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based lifeform
Biological Information
Locomotion Bipedal walking
Prey Omnivore: Fruit, Eggs from Nosolkar, Duckies and Ion Cannon Bears
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Personality Business savvy
Affiliation(s) Wygonakan Empire, Great Trade Organization
Capital City Oricopolis
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Ehroendus
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Somarinoa

The Wygonakan are a species of triple-mouthed, tentacle-headed sapients who are one of the main races of the Great Trade Organization, having met the Bryders fairly early on. While technically Wygonakan action is not entirely under GTO rules and regulations, their buildings tend to be the primary structures now used by the majority of the faction. They also domesticate Nosolkars, Duckies and Ion Cannon Bears.

Their species is known for having survived through many ordeals throughout their evolution, including direct Grox interference, and a Xenomorph infestation.

Notable WygonakansEdit

Tribal EraEdit

  • Orico, first tribal chief
  • Harem Queen Yatali, Chieftain Orico's main mate
  • Estan, eventual rival of Gablof
  • Tapailets
  • Leopah
  • Gablof, inventor of the species marshmallow-equivalent and rival to Estan
  • Gibold
  • Shalio
  • Nevangh
  • Sparman
  • Poliakwi, tribe shaman
  • Skylapa, tribe shaman
  • Lachegon, tribe shaman

Civilization EraEdit

  • Unspecified Wygonakan, best known mayor of Oricopolis and uniter of nations
  • Unspecified Wygonakan, tester of the first flying machine
  • Unspecified Wygonakan, head of state on planet Ehroendus during the space era

Crew of the Wygonakan Glaresis—001Edit

Wygonakan Feroc Orico 2

Admiral-Courier Orico

The crew of the first spaceship built by the Wygonakans, the Wygonakan Glaresis—001, which has remained in service to this day. Due to the Wygonakan's respect for the families of the Wygonaka tribe (the first tribe to arise on the planet), surviving descendants of those families were chosen as the heads of crew aboard this vessel, both out of respect and to dramatically increase morale of other crewmembers during perilous missions as well as exponentially increasing public interest.

  • The Omnipotent Accountant-Admiral Feroc Orico, captain
  • Commander Lachegon, chief science officer—biology division
  • Commander Kaumpi, chief science officer—xenotech division (Coelophysis)
  • Dr. Skylapa, chief medical officer
  • Lt. Commander Leopah, chief engineer
  • Lt. Nevangh, communications officer
  • Lt. Commander Gibold, operations officer
  • Chief Petty Officer Shalio, intelligence specialist
  • Lt. Gablof, helmsman
  • Lt. Estan, navigator
  • Bezenga Yatali, yeoman
  • Ensign Sparman, cargo hold supervisor
  • Officer Tapailets, chief of security
  • Quaylana, chief vessel psychologist (Leaping Shrubcutter)
  • Unnamed Gort of unnamed position (Gort)
  • Unnamed Radish Spirit of unnamed position (Radish Spirit)

Relations with other racesEdit


Domesticated speciesEdit

  • Nosolkar
  • Ducky
  • Ion Cannon Bear

Outside alliancesEdit

  • Auyuelcliad (1st race uplifted by Wygonakans, provoked war with Bravidenos; candidate for absorption)
  • Bravideno (1st allied race)
  • Haikouichthys (2nd allied race)
  • Kicath (4th allied race)
  • Mewtwo (3rd allied race)
  • Metroid (3rd race uplifted by Wygonakans; candidate for absorption)
  • Platypus (2nd race uplifted by Wygonakans)
  • Sangheili (on-and-off alliance; candidate for absorption)

Members of the Wygonakan EmpireEdit

The fully-integrated members of the Wygonakan Empire, who no longer possess a government that operates outside of Wygonakan jurisdiction.

Members of the Great Trade OrganizationEdit


Races who have had little interaction with the Wygonakan and may become either allies or enemies in the future.

Client races of the Great Trade OrganizationEdit


Foes of the Wygonakan. Most are space pirates or races that are enemies to most other races in the galaxy.

The ScourgeEdit

The CruxEdit

Galleries Edit

Tribal Gallery Edit

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