Warp Beast
Warp Beast
General Information
Homeworld The Warp
Environment Warpspace
Intelligence Non-Sapient
Biochemistry Coalesced light-based lifeform
Biological Information
Locomotion Rocket propulsion
Feeding Behavior Light particles
Predators Starships (when starved)
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Neutral
Organization Swarms
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Warpspace
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Somarinoa

Warp Beast Flight Warp Beasts are beings of pure, coalesced light, which feed upon light itself in order to sustain themselves. They are described as having a three-tentacled, almost cephalopoidic anterior and an almost rocket-like posterior, from which emits flames that serve as their means of propulsion. Their tentacles serve as conduits and can be used to release stored light energy as a form of particle beam at any potential threat.

Residents of the Warp — one of several means of bypassing light-speed and which happens to be a physical plane of existence — Warp Beasts are truly alien organisms. Being made out of light, they rapidly flash colors which are created by their digestive breakdown of light particles, diffusing it into the separate color wavelengths. They sense their surroundings out of a gem-like cap, and this is in fact the only way to harm or kill a Warp Beast, as it serves as its only fragile point. Cracking this cap will lead its structure to fail, causing it to crack throughout before shattering, leaving the dying beast to literally fade away into nothingness.

It is their gem cap that serves as their makeshift mouth, and light that hits it is absorbed into their bodies to sustain them. Warp Beasts are known to become over-indulgent, leading to severely bloated members that are dubbed "Fat Warp Beasts". At the same time, a beast maybe unable to feed for an extended period of time due to unknown means, leading to starvation. A starving Warp Beast, referred to as a Ravenous Warp Beast, are very aggressive to passing ships, desperately attempting to feed on the light that bounces off of them yet seemingly being unable to understand that the ship the light bounces off of is not a rival for that light's consumption — therefore they will attempt to destroy the vessel to feed on the light unabated. There is also an unknown sickness that has been seen infecting a number of Warp Beasts, known as Sickly Warp Beasts. These are sluggish and unable to lift their tentacles, leaving them to fire their particle beams downwards as their limbs remain limp.

Though their purpose amongst the species is not understood due to the inherent difficulties of studying their species outside of the Warp, massive members referred to as Queen Warp Beasts have been spotted, though are found to be exceedingly rare in terms of numbers. If these so-called "queens" have anything at all to do with Warp Beast procreation — if there even is a process that could viably be called procreation amongst their kind — then the level of importance to the whole of the species is unknown.

Schmupert faced a large number of these as well as a queen during his odd, pointless adventures.

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