The Vossians are not so advanced yet, very inteligent. They are indigenus to Planet Voss. Not much is known about the Vossians.

General Information
Classification ???
Species Type Not so advanced.
Homeworld Voss
Environment Grassy.
Intelligence Very high.
Biological Information
Lifespan Same as Humans.
Feeding Behavior Same as Humans.
Prey Jinx.
Predators Their not too predators.
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Peaceful.
Organization None.
Language(s) Vossian.
Affiliation(s) None.
Capital City Gallerdria.
Leaders King Erifa and Queen Gallidriel.
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Voss.
Domain Grassy.
Kingdom The Vossian kingdom.
Subkingdom None.
Infrakingdom None.
Superphylum Unknown.
Phylum Unkown.
Subphylum Unknown.
Class Midevilish.
Order Peace.
Family The Vossian royal family.
Species ...
Race Vossian.
Other Information
Status Peaceful.
Creator The four sages.

Facts of Doom:

  • The name of the capital city is a parody of Gallerdria from The Lord of the Rings.
  • The Vossians are a parody of the Martans. (Well, their name is.)
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