The Vitae Space Station is a island-sized spaceport that began when the Droove left Hoovira IV from their prediction of the upcoming extinction event on their planet. While most races are known to visit the Station, and even stay, some races are only ever found within the Station, and are found nowhere else in the universe.


The Vitae Space Station, at it's beginning stages, looked much like a basic ring orbiting the planet. The station was mostly focused on housing the Droove for the most part. However, as more and more races found the Station, the Vitae Space Station grew and grew until it got to it's current size.

The Space Station currently has a snowflake-like appearance, with the original design at its center, used mainly as communication to the other parts of the Station, known as wings. There is a total of six wings, the wings having different specialties to them, similar to that of a operating city rather than a spaceport.


Since many different types of races come and go from the Spaceport, the Vitae Space Station is often used as a place of trade and market - some wings devoted to marketing above other functions. Each wing has the main functions (housing, marketing), yet some wings are more devoted for particular tasks a bit more than others. The wings have smaller runways, going out like branches for other smaller spaceships to enter the Space Station without trouble.

Notable RacesEdit

These races are what is only found on the Vitae Space Station.

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