Main Behavior Edit

Verts, or Verti, are large, semi-aquatic herbivores native to Gamila. They feed mostly on YogYogs, often attacking YogYog farms. They use their wide limbs as both wings and flippers, using them to dive for food. They then propel themselves to the surface via the mouth.

Anatomy Edit

Vert Skull

Vert skull anatomy

Verts have very complicated skulls. Their teeth are surprisingly soft, and have little use. They are believed to be used to impress mates, as Transports and Deposits with long, sharp teeth get the most attention from the other genders. They use a structure called a Grinder to crack open YogYog pods. The tongue coil reaches into the skull, and pushes the Grinder. The Grinder uses small spikes to crack open the YogYog pods and collect seeds. The Grinder sifts the seeds as to prevent choking within the esophagus. Near the front of the skull is the Zamobladder, a large organ that is used to reach the surface after dives. It holds gases inside, then uses a tube that passes through the Grinder and into the jaw to expel them. The Vert is shot upwards by the bubbles, and uses its flippers to fly out once at the surface.

Shelter and Social Behavior Edit


A Vert attacking a YogYog farm

Verts often live together on "Cities", small islands made of sand and other seaside materials. Verts use saliva to bind stone from the floor, and pile the material on top. Up to 60 Verts live on each City.

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