Ventriloquist Deltt

A Ventriloquist Deltt eating a lone Darter

Main Information Edit

Ventriloquist Deltts are aquatic secondary predators known for their unique way of hunting. They are native to Gamila's Paddleton Sea. A Ventriloquist Deltt will swim up to a school or reef, and use a large appendage with two hollow spoon-like organs to make a loud clanking sound. This scares the animals into the mouth of the predator.

Mating Behavior Edit

Ventriloquist Deltts are not able to expel food via the Flatron, so Transports and Hosts must take a more violent approach during the mating process. They use their teeth to rip the Flatron out, consuming it to get the genetic code. The newly mutilated animal is not able to swim very well after mating, and often is eaten or dies of blood loss.

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