Uparmiya Jobias
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Deceased
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Gender Female
Age 1084 years
Date of Birth 120 CE
Date of Death 1204 CE
Era(s) Mergen
  • Post-Cataclysm
  • Reconstruction
  • Pre-spaceflight
Eye Color Yellow
Homeplanet Mergen, Southern Mulla, Crom enclave
Occupation Pre-Destruction Anoist



Affiliation UNM (120-508)

Bio-Morph Empire (508-1204)

Foes Rovar Empire

Dagon Empire

Ninsun Empire

Nathair Empire

Mother Cyrus Varanlegur
Father Crom Jobias Rasis
Friends Sero Fera

Anshan Cyrus

Gundrada Joveta

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Attire Pre-Destruction anoist robe

Intellectualist robe

Empress robe

Uparmiya Varanlegur Jobias was a Hunyago intellectual and 4th empress of the Bio-Morph Empire. Succeeding Belus V upon his abdication. Her reign from 801 CE to 1025 CE, lasted 224 years, making her the second longest-reigning empress behind Gundrada Joveta. She was succeeded by Ordway Nodons after willingly resigning.

Jobias was born in the Southern Mulla UNM enclave in Crom. The daughter of a Cyrus-born intellectual Cyrus Varanlegur and a pre-Destruction anoist named Crom Jobias Rasis from the Rey province. She was raised by her mother and eventually baptised by her father. At this time anoism in cordial relations with the UNM. Until the Siege of Esid and subsequent crackdown forced Jobias to remain a crypto-anoist close to certain death. Removing herself of this faith when she reached adulthood. She then became a student of Sero Fera, along with Anshan Cyrus and Gundrada Joveta. With the discovery of non-morph life, Jobias was caught off by Fera's insistence to wipe away the rovar, pami, yotha, and marduks from the face of the galaxy. Refusing to follow her former teacher's delusions.

Jobias earned the imperial throne in 801 after Belus V abdicated over the empires now immense debt. Reforming the tax code and reshuffling the bureaucracy of the morphist administrations of Enlil, Ninlil, and Ninurta. The discovery of the reptilian Nathair from Bashmu kickstarted an imperial race to bring under one's influence. When the Dagon Empire, Rovar Empire, and Ninsun Empire failed to conquer the Nathair, she tried a hand in conquering Bashmu that ended in her own demeaning capture for two decades. Starting the Twenty Years Anarchy. While a prisoner for twenty whole years, she signed a humiliating treaty that recognized their homeworld of Bashmu and the Palil system as an independent territory and offered a modest 23.4 million in reparations with the promise of an annual 360k. The experience followed back to Mergen, surviving several assassination attempts from those who vied the throne during her captivity.

Surprisingly, Jobias willingly resigned in 1025. A rather peaceful end compared to her predecessors. Leaving Mergen's treasury with a sizable surplus. At the assembly she endorsed Gundrada Joveta to succeed her. However, the throne ultimately went to general Ordway Nodons. After the Imperial Clash, she led the charge to put Ordway Nodons on trial for treason, for violating the Esid Agreement. However, he was assassinated before she could see him properly punished. Five years after, Jobias herself was killed by a dau nathair via strangulation.

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