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Trinity is an organization created across several worlds by an alliance of species - who believed in utilizing technology and other useful items created from imagination for the benefit of the entire species (once 'said species was capable as a whole of using the imagined items properly). One 'branch' of this organization was set up on Earth with a select number of humans rather then the entire species.

Trinity, understanding the possible consequences of their system, ensured that all those who learned about them and became involved swore a sacred oath that they would not reveal the secrets of Trinity to anyone else - although exceptional circumstances would be granted in certain situations.


Brief InformationEdit

Organization Members (Alien):

  1. Corona - a female alien whose natural appearance appeared similar to a cross between a humanoid and a spider. Her species use a form of 'magic' to accomplish normally impossible feats as well as for other purposes.
  2. Firestorm - a female energy-based alien. Firestorm is only a nickname, as her real name is very hard to pronounce - even in many different languages.
  3. Marazikus - an extraterrestrial, anthropomorphic dragon. He is one of the oldest and wisest of the group.
  4. The Wise One - A member of an incredibly ancient race who existed before the current universe. He is spiritually connected to the energies of Earth and the Universe.
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