General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Alternate Names Teseikeleme, Toseike
Planet Type Main Sequence Star
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
No Man's Sky Universe
Galaxy Euclid Galaxy
System Toxete System
Position 0th
Orbital Characteristics
Satellites 6 (Kobastl Tau, Gihamasurar Shun, Ehranen Major, Nebayoqu XII, Opishneli Ochi, Otgravent Idor)
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T0
Terrain Hue None
Liquid Hue None
Atmosphere Hue None
Weather Class Class 5 (extremely deadly)
Tectonics Class Class 5 (extremely deadly)
Water Percentage 0%
Primary Terrain Superheated plasma
Sapients None
Wildlife None
Vegetation None
Political Information
Affiliation Korvax Empire
Capital City Toxete Platform
Government Korvax Convergence
Strategic Information
Economic Value None
Planetary Income §0
Expenses None
Major Exports None
Major Imports None
Strategic Value Allows life to exist in system
Production Value None
Valuable To Korvax Empire

Teseikeleme (later officially shortened and slightly altered to Toseike before being altered again to Toxete) is the local main sequence star of the Toxete System. The star resides within Korvax space, won over after a successful slave rebellion against their Vy'keen opressors.

It is orbited by six planets—formerly these worlds were the once torrid planet Aberskyvinda-Unbu, as well as the arctic planet Thiaseuris-Ulgan Jeppj, the radioactive planet Litvaardpa Dummi, the forsaken planet Arpenefe Ayug, the corrosive planet Amchasavy Owas, and the toxic planet Dauenolaste. However due to Korvax intervention, the biomes of each world was drastically altered and they have been renamed as a way to further distance itself from former Vy'keen control. Aberskyvinda-Unbu has begun to decay, transformed into a rotting planet and renamed to Kobastl Tau; Thiaseuris-Ulgan Jeppj has had its glaciation melted and burned away and has been renamed to Gihamasurar Shun; Litvaardpa Dummi is the first world in the system to be locked into a strong ice age and has been renamed to Ehranan Major; Arpenefe Ayug has been renamed to Nebayoqu XII; Amchasavy Owas is the second planet locked into an ice age and is renamed to Opishneli Ochi; and finally Dauenolaste has been renamed to Otgravent Idor.

Known celestial bodiesEdit

  1. Toxete (star)
  2. Aberskyvinda-Unbu Kobastl Tau, torrid rotting planet
    1. Toxete Platform, Korvax space station
  3. Thiaseuris-Ulgan Jeppj Gihamasurar Shun, arctic planet
  4. Litvaardpa Dummi Ehranen Major, radioactive planet
  5. Arpenefe Ayug Nebayoqu XII, forsaken bountiful planet
  6. Amchasavy Owas Opishneli Ochi, corrosive airless hiemal planet
  7. Dauenolaste Otgravent Idor, toxic planet
Travel to Toseike

Somarinoa travels towards Toxete.

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