Thersiris is the name of a race of extremely advanced species that ruled 726 Galaxies at their peak.They have a History of approximately 1673 Emperors,71 Dynasties and 23,049,387 Civilsation Years which in Their Years a Year is 483.9237402 days in total.Their Planet has a Diameter of 83,468 Km and an abundance of Dangerous and Rare animal species with 2873 known types metals in their planet alone and they are known to possess an item than prolongs their Planet's life by 1,000,000,000,000 Years.They have built a Second Sun that is set to replace their sun in approximately 1,283,298,373.23038 Years from know.

Goverment Edit

Their Government is a type of Monarchy with many levels.The Emperor's rule is not absolute as he only controls 40% of choices done and the rest are group-working.Hierarchy levels is seen below:

Emperor:40% Absolute Rule

Council of Races:20% Absolute Rule(Democratic 9 members)

Scientific and Religious Leaders:15% Absolute Rule(Democratic 1.5% population)

Commoners and Citiizens:25% Absolute Rule(Democratic 98.45686568% population)

A Citizen is allowed to vote and make Govermential Contribution by Voting and making ideas when they are 14 years old.Their Economy and Military is 33.33% Communism,33.34% Capitalism and 33.33% Religious.Their Economic status has been in a Golden age for the last 7 Dynasties including now the Maiana Dynasty.They have 9 Delegates each from a side of rule which are Religious,Military,Economic,Biologistic,Physchoistic,Scientifics,Imperialistic,Democratistic and Prophetistic.

Religion Edit

Thersiris believes in Omnipotheism which is a religion where people believe in a God that is served and protected by his Absolute Positive amounts on servants called Chrodoserians who wield dimensional to Infinite Universal power.Their Religion was thought by a Chronoserian named Heresodis who appeared and guided them eversince their emergence fron evolution.This religion is very popular as it both incorporate scientific and religious aspects that don't create Atheism as everyone agrees and meets Heresodis once 5,000,000 years.

Basic Aspects of Omnipotheism: Edit

-Science and Miracles are one concept mistaken to be Different.

-Blasphemy is impossible as God is Beyond the comprehension of even their Final Evolutions fully opened Mind.

-Mistakes are made but do not commit wrongdoings too much or you will not be reincarnated for 59898 years.

-Your deeds determine your intelligence,physical abilities and your mercy of your next life.

-You have a choice to reincarnate or rest in the Good side of the Mirror Realm if you die with a good life.

-Bad life leads to simulation of eternal soul torture for 59898 years.

-God forms your Psyche,the Universe forms your body.

-God creates and will destroy everything if it fails.

This religion's way of praying is in many ways and all ways are excepted because there are unlimited meanings to everything and what is seen as disrespectful is actually respectful.The more contribution you do in your life the more percentage of your last life's memory will be retained.Religion goal:To know and befriend God in all means.

Culture Edit

They have a Language similar to ours.Their Alphabet:

A='!- B=`¬_ C=(£- D=*,_ E=^>< F=&%) G=

***Work in Progress***

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