Xenarc Project Insignia
The Xenarc Project
Creator Somarinoa
Location Earth, Milky Way
Estimated Population A few thousand employees at any given time
Notable For Experimentation involving creating Earth-based Xenomorph strains
Governing Body
Capital World Earth
Founding Species Human
Governing Body Authoritarianism
Main Leaders No outside record
Policy Create and study new strains of xenomorphic life using Earth-based species as hosts for embryos
Allies Weyland-Yutani Corporation
Enemies All outside sources

The Xenarc Project is a clandestine branch of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation which studies the ability of Xenomorphs to appear differently depending upon their initial host. Xenarc uses various Earth-based lifeforms to facilitate new strains, and then does various studies on them, from dissection to sacrificing "volunteers" to them to test their combat prowess and other capabilities. Their ultimate goal is to create powerful weapons of mass destruction for any and all situations against Weyland-Yutani's rivals, whoever they may be in the future. The connection between The Xenarc Project and Weyland-Yutani is not known to anyone but the highest officials on each side, and both are set to disavow any association with the other.

Each and every employee are given false job fronts for their family to know about, and for them to be able to discuss to hide the existence of Xenarc. To help in preventing accidental or purposeful security leaks, each employee is brainwashed to partition their brain between their existence in the "real world" and their time working within the walls of Xenarc facilities. The part of their mind functioning at any time is switched when arriving and departing the Xenarc facilities using state-of-the-art technology that flashes very distinct patterns in the ultraviolet range that do not naturally occur in the wild, and that the brain subconsciously will still pick up. Because of this, the employees don't technically know they work for Xenarc. Any and all employees—including presidents and CEOs—who choose to retire or simply get too old and must retire due to inability to properly function in accordance to Xenarc needs are executed in manners that appear as muggings, accidents, or straight up murder in more rare occasions. This, combined with the fact that each employee is set to be working for a different company, helps hide the fact that each death is connected to any of the others.

Every job front is in fact a company operated under Xenarc's control, though each and every one of them have only one Xenarc employee; all other employees are truly working to keep that company front running. They are all set up as self-sustaining, though they have a nebulous founder who is never seen or is stated as having died, though the actual founder is of course Xenarc.

They have many paleontologists working on discovering ancient xenomorph hybrids on Earth in fossil format, or other direct evidence of past invasions, with a major focus on recovered fossils of the Xenotyrannus.

Known Projects Edit

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