The Rafterz Queen is the individual whom rules over the society of The Rafterz. The current Rafterz Queen is a Female Grey named Kadi Klevokan, commonly known in English as Kadan.


Kadi was born in an unknown region of space, upon the eighteenth anniversary of her birth she sat out to explore the deep recesses of the universe. It was when she made her way to the planet Earth that her saucer was shot down over a desert region of the United States.

The female Grey was then contained in Area 51 for a number of years before she met and befriended an Extraterrestrial Lycan it was after a number of weeks the two managed to escape Area 51. The duo managed to find a few others to join their cause before they left Earth and founded the capitol city on an undead gas giant planet with two moons now known as The Rafterz.


The Rafterz Queen Kadi Klevokan has a mix of vampiric and grey physiology giving her more of an enhanced condition than most Greys along with more intelligence than the normal vampire. Her Grey physiology also makes her immune to sunlight.

View of Humans

She dislikes humans especially those who claim to be or are related to ninja. She views most humans as nothing more than a species to be made into pets.

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