The Rafterz Queen is the species that rules over the Rafterz Utopia.

Biology And Appearance

The Rafterz Queen is an undead hermaphroditic species. Only one is born at a time. Meaning a Rafterz Queen isn't born until the previous Rafterz Queen is dead.

They appear to be well over a meter in height standing at at least five feet ten inches [or one point seven seven eight meters], and weighing approximately one hundred forty five pounds [sixty five point seven seven one kilograms]. Furthermore; they appear as a pale purple skinned humanoid with green eyes and black hair with rectangular green eyes.

They appear to be similar to and or related to the Oni of Japanese Folklore.

Most of this species' biology is unknown.


This species tends to be very big wrestling fans as well as gifted technical wrestlers in their own right. This species will spend its free time watching videos of their chosen senpai fight in some wrestling ring whether its from their planet or a different planet further off in the cosmos. The other part of their time is spent ruling over The Rafterz with the help of advisers and others as well as Ghost-Hunting.

The Rafterz Queen species heavily dislikes anyone entering into their room without permission, they also dislike ninja.

Furthermore; this species tends to specialize in Shadow Magic and Energy Manipulation. They seem to be very well versed in the Dark Arts and Dark Energy Manipulation, other than being the chosen royalty of the planet Rafterz this species also tends to be great warriors. This species will fight along side their soldiers if their planet enters into a war, however The Rafterz Queen is mostly a docile and sleepy species of being.

Furthermore; this species is rarely seen outside the planet Rafterz unless they've deemed that area to be safe and without threat.

Even more so; this species seems to be extremely close friends with the Rafterz Lycans species, they seem to be friends with every Rafterz Species, but they have a special bond with the Rafterz Lycans as usually they tend to be the best of friends by nature.

Although this species perfectly speaks and understands the English language they prefer to speak in a language similar to Jawaese.

The rest of their culture and habits are unknown but are revealed as time goes on.

View of Humans

The Rafterz Queen tends to view humans as weird, confusing, and all together an annoying race. They dislike the amount of pointless blood the humans have spilled over their different opinions about their god, sexuality and gender. This species also hates how ungrateful humans have become over the passing years as it annoys them and makes them think the humans are nothing more than rodents spreading a plague of ignorance upon their planet.

Interactions With Humans

The Rafterz Queen has only interacted with a handfull of humans, however the reasons are unknown the ones who have had interaction with The Rafterz Queen have either had their memory erased or were never seen again.

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