The Magician
Magic Alien
Primary Information
Universe Planet 51
Creator Joke Master
Vital Statistics
Species Humanoid
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Height Tall
Homeplanet Planet 51
Occupation Magician
Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Turning objects into something else

The Magic Alien is a magic alien who uses her magic wand, cape and her hat. She can change objects, make things appear or disappear with her magic. She is great on objects. She could also make Lem or others disappear or to be changed with her magic wand. She has gloves and her magic ring to do magic. She can show off her magic thing in the magic show and she is an expert magical alien. She appears with an unknown object.


Her magic ring does not wear out and the magic never expires. She has lots of magic in her wand for changing objects or aliens or making them disappear. Anything inside her cape cannot escape out of the internal side and is invisible. She will not let them out unless she waves the cape or uses it as a rope and bang it on the floor.


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