Ill Collapse

The Ill Collapse was a mass extinction about 12 million years before the Magni Cinis Extinction. At that point, the land of Gamila was only one large continent, as well as a couple islands. A very dangerous virus known as Venenum Insula, or Island Poison, had developed on one of these islands. The virus caused decay of the skin, causing a strange, spongy appearance in its victims. This was followed by violent vomiting, dizziness, and, eventually, organ failure. It was safely contained in the island for a long time. Unfortunately, a large group of flying creatures one day flew onto the island, allowing the virus to spread to the mainland. The virus became practically invincible to the immune systems of most animals, causing extreme repercussions. Species started decreasing very noticeably in size, usually going extinct from the extreme effects of the illness, even on the far out islands away from the mainland. Thankfully, a small group of underground species were able to stay fairly far from the disease, and eventually gained an immunity. These animals, combined with survivors from the deep sea, were able to rebuild the diversity of Gamila.

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