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General Information
Creator Somarinoa
Planet Type Terrestrial Planet
Universal Location
Universe Main Universe
Amalgam Universe
Galaxy Kyklos Galaxy
Quadrant α Quadrant
System Meiox System
Orbital Characteristics
Physical Characteristics
Terra-Score T3
Weather Class Class 2
Tectonics Class Class 2
Sapients Loranche, Shrumite
Political Information
Strategic Information
Valuable To Loranche

Tetron (pronounced /tɛ.ˌtrɑːnˈ./) is the fourth planet in the Meiox system. It is home to the Loranches, a species of near-Humans evolved from Space Locust stock interspliced with Centro DNA. They are the second known Space Locust species to be successfully culled, albeit to a lesser extent than the Centro.

Like the rest of the system, the world is not natural, as is evident by its cube-like nature. Instead it was constructed by Sal'jaedon himself as a haven for the species. The world is also saturated with magical energies like those found on Diakatan, which Tetron actually shares a magical wormhole with underneath the small town of Denkigama.

The planet is split into six sections, with few individuals on each side knowing of any other sides' existence. It is often stated that the side Onera is the primary face, even though the people of Tsixxus are actually the most advanced, technologically speaking.







Known InhabitantsEdit

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