Technarian Spore
General Information
Classification Superfamily Technarium
Species Type Conversion Robata
Homeworld Moqua (now known as Technar IX)
Environment Planet-City of Technar IX
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Machine
Biological Information
Lifespan Infinite so long as old parts are continuously repaired or replaced.
Locomotion Bipedal movement (Robot Mode)
Various methods dependent on chassis type (Alternate Mode)
Prey Whatever material can be broken down to fuel their "generator hearts".
Predators Viral code, metal or plastic-consuming lifeforms, powerful electromagnets
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Personality Cold, calculating machines
Language(s) Most coding languages, though primarily Morrakkan versions of binary and hexidecimal. Capable of quickly learning other "organic" languages by simply figuring out the mathematical "code" for the lexicon.
Affiliation(s) Morrakka (former)
Independent (former)
NodhCohr Hierarchy (Co-rulers with the other four Amphorian races since they had the technology the Amphorians needed to continue their enslavement of other races.)
Capital City Technar IX (the planet is covered in a single city)
Leaders Narc (decommissioned — Amphorian-Technarian War)
Cohr (decommissioned — Hush Invasion)
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Moqua
Domain Mechanicus
Kingdom Automatoa
Superfamily Technarium
Other Information
Status Decommissioned (Hush Invasion)
Creator Somarinoa

Technarians are intelligent machines originally built by the Morrakka of the planet Moqua millennia ago, built specifically to do the tasks that no Morrakkus wanted to do, so that they could live their lives entirely full of leisure. This would go badly for the Morrakka, however, and the Technarians would eventually rebel against their creators, originally to simply win rights as sapient citizens themselves but eventually escalating far beyond either species' control. Remaining as simply violent skirmishes and sudden but short-lived rebellions for centuries, the Technarians, still only known as the Conversion Robata, would eventually find a tactical leader in Narc, whose prowess in war strategy turned the tides of battle towards that of the machines. In the end, the Morrakka were pushed back and after only a few more decades, common scheduled bioscans of the city would turn up nothing; the Conversion Robata had apparently executed their masters to the very last individual, leaving them to inherit their homeworld. Being incapable or perhaps simply uninterested in romantic terminology, they scrubbed the original name for the world, Moqua, in lieu of simply using its stellar position — Technar IX, the ninth planet in the Technar system.

Narc would come to lead his people into invading several planets, and while they were seemingly unstoppable for several centuries, they were finally defeated by the Amphorian Empire during their failed invasion of the Amphorian homeworld of Kesari during the Amphorian-Technarian War. The Technarians were however allowed to serve as rulers alongside the Amphorians due to their ability to travel through space (whereas the Amphorians were a primitive, planet-bound culture before their arrival).

Ultimately they were decommissioned during the NodhCohr's failed invasion attempt on the planet Hush due to the combined efforts of several races.



  • Narc (original ruler of the Technarians)
  • Cohr (second ruler of the Technarians)
  • Rotor (Technarian general)
  • Tanc (Technarian general)


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