An adult Strangler in a canyon below a Gummi

Main Behavior Edit

Stranglers are carnivorous parasites native to Gamila's Purple Forest and Mauran Tundra. They are known for their lifestyle and unique form of metamorphosis. They have very long lives, and can live up to 90 to 100 years.

Feeding Behavior Edit

Stranglers feed on Ashsuckers and Icers, two Gamilian animals that mate directly via the mouth and have no chosen mating season. They pretend to be mates, allowing their prey to begin the mating process. They then inject venom into their prey, and slowly rip the corpses apart with spiked tongues.

Metamorphosis and Lifestyle Edit

They are born in the Tundra, mimicking the structure of an adult Icer. Unlike Icers, baby Stranglers have large ovular tongues across their chest instead of small mouths and large tongues. As they mature, they travel toward the equator, achieving great distances. Eventually, at the edge of the purple forest, they dig underground and coat themselves in a strange mucus. They go through an extreme transformation, as their legs grow dramatically, they triple in size, and their mouths elongates and moves towards the head, as well as a change of the back structure and spine. They eventually break free of their mucus casing. At this point they are squishy and weak, and must continue to hide in their holes until their skin hardens. When they emerge, they have taken on the form of an adult Ashsucker and prey on new animals. They mate in the Purple Forest, using high clicks to find mates. When they reach the age of about 50 to 60, they begin traveling back upwards to lay their eggs.

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