A Stiltskin

Little Guy

A Redfoot

Stiltskins are small Gamilian animals, named after Rumpelstiltskin, that live in the Islanda Tropics. They have evolved to mimic Nacatra Redfeet, tricking Transports into protecting and taking care of them. The parasite is able to consume the Nacatra babies one by one. However, if older children are present, they are often able to tell the parent and the parasite will be consumed. If the creature survives, it will escape. Stiltskins are one of the only Gamilian animals known to reproduce asexually. They lay 5-6 eggs and die of starvation soon after. The eggs hatch and latch onto the nearest Nacatra Transport, injecting it with a chemical that decreases the pain. The Transport unknowingly brings the Stiltskin into the nest, where it can grow and feed.

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