The Space Squid lives only in space. They're extremely dangerous and are a huge pest to trade federations, intergalactic highways, and ships. This is because of the only food they eat.


Space Squids possess millions of tentacles, with each ending in a straight, hollow stinger. They use these stingers to collect electric energy. Electric energy is their only food source. They resemble octopuses in a way. The tentacles are where they would be on an octopus, and they have a gigantic head. In addition to eating electricity, they excrete light and, of course, electricity. The electricity that isn't needed, sticks to the body, due to gravity. This creates a hazard for nearby ships. As ships "fall" towards the beast, they eather get stabbed by the arms, or explode (if they get near the body). The creatures also age. As an infant they're not really a threat and are three feet long. As adults they can be 6,378.1 kilometers! That is the earth's equatorial radius.

To Kill a Space SquidEdit

There's only one way to kill a Space Squid.

  1. Avoid the tentacles and getting shot by electricity volts (shooting electric volts is a way they protect themselves).
  2. There's a circular space in the middle of the mass of tentacles, where you would expect more arms. This is where the heart is located.
  3. CAUTION! Two intestines are in the way of the heart. The only thing that seperates them is a small crack. If the intestines are hit, they WILL explode. The explosion includes electricity.
  4. If you hit the heart, the Squid will die.


Space Squids are sometimes bred to fight in an army. They're very hard to train, but are a great deal if you want to win. As a matter of fact, during the Myanmar and Scelorian Super War, they were used on both sides.

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