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The Sol War, or called the Preservation War, was a military conflict fought in the Sol (designated Bessas) and Alpha Centauri systems from April 4th to July 7th 1890 CE. The Bio Administration, Republic of Epione, Martu Confederation, and later the Miotal Collective representing the Coalition against the Enlil Republic and Ninlilian Federation representing the Alliance. This became the first major albeit short conflict since the end of the FGW 37 years prior. The war had it's origin over Sol's status as a morphist territory far from any of it's own claimed systems but more importantly it's expansion to include Alpha Centauri that was disputed by the governments of Enlil and Ninlil. Not wishing to see a resurgent hunyago power, they invaded without declaration and seized Alpha Centuari from the lightly-manned garrison stationed there. Hoping to see a quick resolution, they offered reparations to keep it, but was declined by the morphist leadership who went abroad to call for assistance.

The invasion of Sol itself stalled due to trickery and disputes between pami commander Vorane Kjorr and yotha general Looru Vesha which allowed the incoming relief force valuable time to arrive. With Alpha Centauri as an anchor, both agreed to envelop the system through a combined invasion from the western and eastern sections respectfully. A decision that made the amurru led by Hymraric Farageddo intercept and attack Looru near Venus, winning the battle while the pami heavy fleet reached Neptune unimpeded. Eventually a vanguard reached the area sending fighters to harass and force a confrontation against the pami fleet, now within sight of Mars. Intercepted, Vorane put the fleet in position with the neighboring asteroid belt guarding their back. The eventual battle ended in a decisive yet standstill coalition victory when news of Looru's withdrawal prompted a breakout to prevent a possible encirclement. Falling back to Alpha with the coalition's relief harassing them along the way where another forced confrontation near Pluto ended in stalemate as the pami force made an orderly retreat. Just after the first month a new belligerent joined the coalition's effort: the Miotal.

With Centauri still in their hands and mounting pressure from GA members, the alliance, again opted to sue for peace to hold firm despite this, But once more, was unanimously rejected. The coalition now boosted by the new reinforcements, prepared for a full takeover. Invading through the west section where they engaged a fleet led by Looru. An engagement near Bessas-2 forced both Looru and Vorane set down to hold out for a siege for the remainder of the war. Two fleet reinforcements from Ninlil were sent to relieve the siege but were defeated at the Battle of the Ring. Eventually the hunyago forces breached the line and established a beachhead from the now depleted alliance. At home the populace began protesting the war effort, the increased economic stress alongside uncontested border raids attacking periphery planets. When news reached Enlil and Ninlil of these developments, they sued for peace. Ceasing all hostilities and calling back another relief force. However the surrendered force on Bessas-2 were massacred on Anshan Cyrus's direct order.

The war had many reverberations. The victory, in this case the primary objective, for the coalition ensured the continued secrecy and preservation of humanity from the still shattered post-war galaxy. On the other hand, the sole morphist hold on the area, which had been hithero under protection since 1848, ended with a post-war treaty granting the allied powers a stake in matters that led to it's current tripartite protectorate status. On the interstellar stage, the war was a political and military embarrassment for Enlil and Ninlil and oversaw the removal of their respective leaders. For the victors it had enhanced the prestige of their respective military power. Showing the galaxy that the old imperial power could still achieve victory.


Discovery and Defense of Sol (1848-1853)[]

In 1848 CE, at the height of decolonization, the Sol system but more importantly Earth and the Human species were discovered by Alaric Bessas and his crew. Given the concurring events it was decided to study this pre-FTL species and if possible uplift them as a client even with them having just exited the industrial revolution.

The planned 2-year study would not see full fruition however within the same year the Tethra annexation started the FGW between the Morphist Imperium and Rovar Empire. It became even more worse when a rovar ship was spotted on scanners entering the system, suspected to have been given intel of the area by either a crewmember or someone in Cyrus' government. The ship's crew met it near Neptune where they gained a decisive victory. Ensuring humanity's safety from the FGW. The date being April 3rd according to the used Gregorian calendar. On the perspective of culture the battle ironically coincided with the Battle of Nanshe 1300 years prior.