Skylberje is a Dorian Field Marshal.He,his brother,Bane,Wolfclaw,and Scar attacked a ship known as Hixon in  

Skylberje Mhodeek
Primary Information
Universe Doria
Creator Dr.Zenox
Status Deceased
Appearances The Dorian(unpublished)
Vital Statistics
Aliases Spike
Species Dorian
Gender Male
Age 179 years
Date of Birth July 30,2821
Date of Death October 9,3000
Era(s) The Dorian War-The Link Contract
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Height 9 ft
Weight 1 1/2 tons
Homeplanet Doria
Hometown not mentioned
Occupation Army Field Marshal
Affiliation Dorian
Allies Dresh,Bane,Wolfclaw,Scar
Foes Alex Malberge,Olivia Canes,Dr.Zenox
Mother Jalish Mhodeek(Queen{only mentioned})
Father Poliin Mhodeek(King{seen})
Brother(s) Dresh
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Teeth,Second Pair of arms,Horns
          hopes of killing Alex Malberge.

The Dorian War

In the Dorian War,Skylberje was promoted from General to Field Marshal,after killing the alpha leader Mak Canes.

The Link Contract

Skylberje attacked Olivia Canes,Mak Canes spouse,and the two where locked into a quarentine zone.With Dresh on the other side,he taped a button causing acid to pour into the quarentine room.In rage,Skylberge bit the top of Olivia's head off,for traitors are not very honorable.Skylberje's skin melted off of him,and his brains blew up.Dead Olivia's body was unharmed because of Skylberge's body covering the acid.

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