Sky Shepard

A Sky Shepherd Transport mid-inversion

Main Behavior Edit

Sky Shepherds are large flying predators native to Gamila. They generally follow around schools of Quentoins, picking them off one by one. They use two organs on their sides to fly.

Defense and Offense Edit

Sky Shepherds have two very strange defense/offense adaptations. The tentacles on the creature's backside are capable of shooting out Quentoin tentacles, expanding them. They can then retract these. Baby Sky Shepherds have very short tentacles due to their lack of food. They use these tentacles to reach into predators' throats and rip out organs, killing the predator. However, This often ends in the tentacles being chomped off and consumed. They also are able to invert themselves, using their four jaws to physically rip themselves apart. This leaves open a large array of poisonous glands. Their skin is able to regenerate extremely fast.

Mating Behavior Edit

Deposits often have very large tentacles, Hosts have very large jaws, and Transports are very small. Transports are drawn to larger tentacles on Deposits, as they promise defensive success in babies. Transports are small as Hosts must consume them in order to gather their eggs.

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