The Sky Crab (Xenolantem Aurermis) is a species of alien fauna encountered on NU-193-DUSTSTORM. Little is known about this creature, besides of it’s behaviour and anatomy.

Description Edit

Sky Crabs resemble gargantuan, snake-like arthropods, with two bony arms used for grabbing object, like rocks. It has a bright orange hue covering nearly the entirety of it’s carapace, with brown singular striped covering the creature’s body. Adult specimens of this species are about double the size of a helicopter.

Intelligence Edit

Sky Crabs have been observed to have the intelligence of early humans, notably Homo Erectus. They appear to have a bond similar to that of humans with their babies, defending them from attackers.

Anatomy Edit

The body of the Sky Crab contains several balloon-like organs filled with helium, making the creature incredibly light, allowing it to “swim” smoothly in it’s atmosphere.

Sky crabs are presumed to be carnivorous.

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