The Silkeborg Mansion is a manor located in the city of Silkeborg, Denmark. The manor was built by all members of the Human Readiness Committee on August 6th 1961. 16 years after the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that occurred August 6th and 9th respectively. The mansion was to be used as a rendezvous location on July 5th, 2000. By June 2000, most Bio-Morph's had evacuated to the mansion in anticipation of the Consensus study ending for each Bio-Morph to give their report.

Floor plan Edit

Front Yard Edit

The front yard of the mansion consists of a circular marble pathway leading to the front door of the manor. In the center is a fountain with a small pathway leading to the statue of King Christian X of Denmark, bearing the Jewish star and riding a horse with a commemorative plaque on the pedestal reading "Hans majestæt Christian X i Danmark. Hele Danmark er hans bodyguard." English translation: His Majesty Christian X of Denmark. All of Denmark is his bodyguard."

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