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Sero Fera
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Deceased
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Aliases Mother of Mergen
Species Hunyago
Gender Female
Age 898 years
Date of Birth 247 BCE, Kingdom of Fachea
Date of Death 651 CE, Mergen, Esid
Era(s) Mergen
  • Pre-Cataclysm
  • Post-Cataclysm/Spaceflight

Imperial Era

Eye Color Magenta
Homeplanet Mergen
Occupation Needleworker

Didoli Sagart


Empress of the Bio-Morph Empire

Affiliation Kingdom of Fachea (247-1)

Anoist Empire (1-274)

Bio-Morph Empire (508-651)

Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse(s) Unknown
Children Artisheera Fera (Daughter)

Lestam Fera (Son)

Grandchildren Unknown
Great-Grandchildren Anu Fera
Friends Anshan Cyrus

Gundrada Joveta

Vadamerca Rikiar

Malakas Lym

Klara Voditi

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Reith V (Demonstration)
Attire Anoist robe

Didoli armor and sagart helmet

Intellectualist robe

Hand-crafted headscarf

Sero Fera was a Hunyago intellectual who founded and ruled the Bio-Morph Empire from the advent of spaceflight in 508 CE until her death in 651 CE. This period in the empires history was known as Feraist Mergen. The empire she founded would continue for the next 1345 years through various successors: Belus III, Belus V, Uparmiya Jobias, Ordway Nodons, Gundrada Joveta, and lastly Anshan Cyrus. All who were taught under her guidance (minus her great-granddaughter).

Born a minor noble in the Kingdom of Fachea, a northern lenusian monarchy that existed up until the cataclysm struck. With the monarchy gone, she migrated south of the continent. Finding a stronghold of what would be the first anoists. A life stretching from the final years of Mergen's pre-cataclysmic state. To the rise of Anoism and the aftermath of the Origem City's destruction, the Reconstruction Era, and the start of the Imperial Era. The morphist ideology she professed is called Feraism. She was known for propagating the 'Morphist Sole Idea', a core element of feraism that espoused that the Milky Way was lifeless and the morphs were it's rightful and superior masters.

During her reign as empress, she signed off the Esid Agreement that ended the anoist persecutions and worldwide disarmament of extremists such as Rosamund Bertrada and Bero Gereon (later having them executed years after the signing.) Freeing Fera to explore the galaxy unabated. For her accomplishments she was dubbed the 'Mother of Mergen', a companion title to the 'Father of Mergen' bestowed upon Ostran Vidigoi. And even claimed the title 'Empress of the Morphs' to portray herself as a genuine successor to his legacy. In the year 532 CE her explorations discovered the Rovar who were also exploring the galaxy. Later the Pami, Yotha, and Marduk species were soon after. When contracting a sickness from a infant she received as an offering from Overlord Rima XXII, sneezed in her face. She used this as a justification to occupy the planet and subjugate the native pami. The yotha homeworld of Ninlil shared the same fate. While the marduks managed to resist her colonization efforts. Her mishandled diplomacy with the rovar following the Tethra Crisis started the first conflict between the two. Engaging her empire to fight them with great success. Reaching their homeworld, but suffered a decisive defeat there. Forever ending her dreams of a solely morph galaxy as her most ardent followers died during the battle, but more importantly loosened her grip on power. Further exacerbated by her failed expeditions onto Ninurta to subjugate the marduk coupled by her rising unpopularity, resulted in a long imperial dormancy that would not end until the ascension of Belus V in 713 CE. Nevertheless she ruled, post-battle, in a reign characterized by interval wars with the rovar and suppressing anti-feraist rebellions around the empire until in the year 651 CE, died from complications she contracted from first contact with the pami. Her only children, Artisheera and Lestam went into hiding, fearing retribution by a political successor. Her future great-granddaughter, upon becoming the 7th empress, would dismantle the empire her great-grandmother created. However the ideology that bore her name would ultimately survive the imperial era.

Even in death, all of galactic history since 508 CE, exceptionally hearkens back to Sero Fera. For creating the first galactic political entity in history. An empire that ultimately laid the foundations of the modern galaxy. To the very species whose galactic supremacy she tried to insure to the detriment of other life, is remembered as having led a truly united Mergen from it's pre-spaceflight fragmented state and placed it on the course of making an impression to the Milky Way.


Sero was a morph with a magenta-colored chroma. Throughout her life, she wore the pre-Destruction anoist robes, the didoli armor and sagart helmet, and finally the intellectualist robes. Unlike most hunyago post-spaceflight, she used her shape-shifting abilities to give herself pupils for her eyes of a magenta color and even black eyebrows. A soon to be staple of feraist followers.

Finally the only distinctly if not iconic part of her character from then on, would be the headscarf she wore. A head covering from her time with the Fachean monarchy as a form of modesty. Having many colors all stretched out irregularly. By design it was created as a tapestry of her life. If folded correctly, details her years before the cataclysm, the Origem council, the city's destruction, her life as a didoli, becoming an intellectual, and eventually her coronation as empress. Before and even after her death the headscarf became adopted by feraists.