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The Scourge Space Pirates, also known as Scourge Space Piracy or simply the Scourge is a pirate organization. The founder, Lord Transpose was originally a high ranking member of the Crux Space Piracy, but later left and formed the Scourge. While by no means as large or powerful as the Crux, the Scourge is no weakling, making up for their relatively small size by being overly aggressive.

One of the main goals of Scourge is to liberate the Abyssal Zharkulans, of which Lord Transpose is, held by force by the various other Zharkulan races of Zharkul for being overly aggressive. However he so far hasn't completed this goal because of the combined might of all the other Zharkulans as well as not finding a safe place in the galaxy to run his empire without fear of being killed by one of his own kind attempting to takeover the Scourge.

The Scourge are also in the unique position to sell the Grutes, a species of vigintipod indigenous to Blood and which survived the world's downfall, to various ne'er-do-wells, primarily to those looking to fill up their galactic coliseums or execution pits with what are considered amongst the most aggressive species in the known galaxy.


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Notable Members[]

Full-Fledged Members[]

Unlike the Crux, the Scourge attempts to uplift members or add members beyond simply forcing them, though a few enslaved races do exist within the piracy. The Sectyd once could be found in the NodhCohr Hierarchy, but these members had become enslaved by the Amphorians during their failed invasion of Kesari.


These worlds belong to the Scourge Space Piracy.