The Scorpion Bird is the first creature created on Planet Orquon. Actually, it was the Poison Fiends. But, this creature was named Scorpion Bird, and is as big as the 9' tall bird. Something this big doesn't need poison. It is dubbed, "The First Orquonian". Its name comes from the scorpion-like tail.

Hunting StyleEdit

The bird's favorite food is the Aardzarck. First, the bird scares it off of an Illmabob (Aardzarcks have a symbiotic relationship). The Aardzarck flies off, only to start a chase. Next, the Scorpion Bird flies just above the beast. This protects it from any kicks from the Aardzarck, and helps the bird kill it. The bird stabs the Aardzarck on the back with his scorpion-like tail. This allows it to stay on top, and to avoid risking falling through the flying membranes. Now, the Scorpion Bird uses its talons to stab through the flying membranes. This makes the Aardzarck fall faster and gives access to his neck. The bird finally bites the Aardzarck on the neck, and snaps its lumbar vertebrae.

Interaction with othersEdit

A Scorpion Bird's wings are oddly shaped. This is used only for territorial uses. Two birds fly full speed at each other, spinning. The winner, is the one who reacts fast enough to stop spinning, turn right-side-up, and fatally wound the opponent. This fight usually ends up with the death of both, no winner, or one winner. However, Scorpion Birds rarely see each other, and when they do, it's to mate. Its other enemies are Wolf Raptors, Deedicrusess, Poison Fiends, and the mighty Razor Centipede.


A Scorpion Bird has strange looking wings used solely for territorial uses. They can choose when to spin. A Scorpion Bird has no camouflage because it has to scare Aardzarcks off the backs of Illmabobs. This is because if anything suddenly jumps on top of their backs (Aardzarcks are an exception) they will get mad. A Scorpion Bird is colored blue with azure wings. On top of their heads are red display feathers. They have long legs and instead of a tail made out of feathers, their tails are like a lizards'. On the end of this tail is a scorpion-like stinger.


The only known subspecies is the tiny, but dangerously nasty, Poison Fiend.

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