Scelorians were the most advanced beings ever recorded. But they went extinct along with the Myanmars in the most epic war ever.


Scelorians fought the Myanmars for millions of years. They were finally destroyed. Neither side won. The Scelorian intentions was villainy. Myanmars had to protect all the galaxies that were next. So, technically, the Myanmars won.


Scelorians could pass through wormholes, use mind powers, and had the whole species in a giagantic space station after Scelor's atmosphere went to toxic. This space station is called Scelor II. The space station was over 40 times larger than the Death Star. Speaking of the Death Star, did you know that Scelorians loved to watch Star Wars even before the earth was made? This sounds crazy, but they did. This phenomenom is impossible to figure out. Especially that they found it impossible to time travel.


Scelorians looked somewhat like dilophosaurs. The only difference is that they were omnivores and the tail was much longer with a deadly nontoxic stinger.

Notable SceloriansEdit

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