Scelor II is the most largest space ship ever recorded and home to the Scelorians. It was 40 times larger than the death star.


After Scelor's atmosphere became toxic, a man (Scelorian) named Grax gathered over 5 billion builders, architects, scientists, and others to build a ship that can carry the whole population of Scelor. This event needed so much money, that a super great deppresion went throughout the planet.


Scelor II's architecture needed many support beams that were all over the ship to prevent it from collapsing from it's own gravity. But, they were well hidden. The metal on the outside of the ship is unknown to earth. The ship is 40 times larger than the death star, but, it looks nothing like it. Scelor II actually looks like a gigantic pie. It flies like a flying saucer. The ship holds blasters, biodomes, dungeons, an artificial gravity engine, and even retractor beams.

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