Sam is a scientist who seems to try to act funny.He said that the Dorians where just Zenox's Toys.                    

Samuel Edmund
Primary Information
Universe Milky Way
Status Deceased
Appearances The Dorian
Vital Statistics
Aliases Sam,Sammy,Pony Tail
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 35
Date of Birth 11,31,2965
Date of Death October 12,3000
Era(s) The Dorian War-The Link Contract
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 6.1ft
Homeplanet Earth
Hometown Berlin Germany
Occupation Scientist
Affiliation Human
Allies Mak Canes,Olivia Canes,Dr.Zenox,Alex,Jerry,Kat
Foes Dresh Mhodeek,Skylberge Mhodeek,Bane,Wolfclaw
Mother Mrs.Edmund
Father Mr.Edmund
Abilities & Inventory
Weaponry Shotgun
   He seemed to be a very important character until the last moment when Dresh Mhodeek comes out of a vent and       bites into his skull before being sucked into space,Dresh's status is unknown but Alex Malberge,Dr.Edwin,and the robot Geoff where the only surviving crew members of the Hixon and the Zenox device.