Roshaks are from Roshankus. They were able to learn space travel in 7 million years.


A Roshaks' purpose and duty is to protect other planets. Each individual has a job for such a thing.

  1. Watch man- watches security cameras that watch other planets
  2. Scout- searches for possible threats on and off of planets
  3. Soldier- fights aliens that want to harm other planets
  4. Rock Worker- destroys asteroids that can kill all life on a planet. This is only neccesary if one gets too close.
Roshaks are an intergalactic intelligence agency.


A Roshak is 9' tall, has a rectangular head, and a dexterous tail. The head has a piece of outer skull on the face. This outer skull protects the face from damage. The tail has four long, clawed fingers on the end. This acts as a third hand, but the hands only have three fingers. The legs are shorter than what you would expect (but not too short). This helps aliens they're saving keep up with them.


Roshaks are the fastest species to figure out space travel. They win with 7 million years as their record. The Roshaks' worst enemy is the Gunarclean.