The Razor Centipede is a huge arthropod that lives on Orquon. It is the top predator on the planet.

Weapons and StrategiesEdit

Razor Centipedes are ten feet tall and 40 feet long. They have a forty-foot long, whip-like tail. At the end is a small blade. The tail isn't thick, but it is: agile, fast, and will give you scars if the end doesn't hit you. Next, they have beak that's strong and sharp enough to cut a pig in half. There are two pedipalps on both sides of the head (one on each side). These pedipalps are used to cut during a bite and to manipulate food into the mouth. Their body is segmented like a centipede's. The exoskeleton is also green and strong. This makes a great camoflauge. With undeveloped eyes, they have two, 40 foot long antennae. This makes the behemoth a whopping 120-foot-long monster! Razors are also very territorial, and have been known to become cannibalistictowards weaker centipedes.

Orquonian usesEdit

Orquonians use their exoskeletons for armor, the tail blade for knives and spear points, the meat for food, and the tail for a whip.

Life CycleEdit

Shortly after mating, female Razors head towards the desert to lay their eggs.

They climb up a Desert Bucket Plant to lay their eggs in the nutritious water.

After six months, the 30 eggs hatch. The nymphs are aquatic and look nothing like their parents. They stay inside for a year. Many nymphs won't survive the gruesome winter of next year.

In the summer, they crawl out of the plant as a small Razor Centipede.

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