Qusna Garatoi
Primary Information
Universe Testament
Creator Keanan "Dantanius" Hofmann
Status Alive
Appearances Testament (story)
Vital Statistics
Species Hunyago
Ethnicity As Human: Mestizo
Gender Male
Age 776 years
Date of Birth 1224 CE
Era(s) Imperial


Hair Color As Human: Black
Eye Color As Human: Green and Red (heterochromia)

As Morph: Olive Green

Homeplanet Cearas (morph colony)
Occupation Pilot
Affiliation Bio-Morph Empire (1224-1853)

Earth Exploration Committee (1848-1849)

Bio Administration (1866-present)

Human Readiness Committee (1898-2000)

Allies Anshan Cyrus
Mother Unknown mother
Father Unknown father
Friends Alaric Bessas

Hagen Berenger

Arbolast Beesha

Abilities & Inventory
Abilities Genius level intellect


Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Transformations Human male of Mestizo descent
Attire Flag of Bolivia shoulder patch
Qusna Garatoi is a Hunyago pilot. In the Human Readiness Committee, he is known as the Bio-Morph of Bolivia. Acting as pilot of the Transvaal. Identified as a human named Jernaro Luis Quisbert.

An olive green chroma morph born from a green chroma father and red chroma mother on the morph colony of Cearas. Working alongside them as part of their diplomatic occupation. Then becoming a fighter pilot for the Imperial army. After the EEC's disbandment and Cearas' independence, Qusna stayed within the Nerthus system.

45 years after the FGW, Qusna joined the Human Readiness Committee for the return to Earth.

Notes Edit

  • Qusna's birth year coincides with the french ship La Dauphine to explore the East Coast of the Americas.
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