Qandreite is a complex crystal formed from the volcanic sublimation of iron and heridium, with the former being the primary elemental compound involved. It has an average metal content of 42%.

The mineral was first discovered by the Loranche Somarinoa on the planet Litvaardpa Dummi.

Due to their common origin, Qandreite is hard to pick out from the similar-looking Blenobite. Like the former, more common mineral, Qandreite has an oblong, bat-like shape which extends upwards from the surrounding substrate. These structures are primarily a golden brown in hue, although have an almost brown coloration as it tapers towards the base; this, along with its generally larger size, can be used to tell Qandreite and Blenobite apart. Perhaps due to its Heridium content, this mineral has a low specific gravity, meaning that the gravitational pull of an object of similar size and mass is generally greater than that of Qandreite itself.

It was formed directly from gaseous iron and heridium spewed out of volcanoes that once dotted the landscape but have since become dormant or extinct. Thus, it can be found primarily around former volcanic vents and fumaroles.

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