The Pyron are a species of dracosaur that can grow to sizes of 14-16 ft tall at the hip and lengths of 45 ft and weigh around 5-6 tonnes. The element they represent is fire.

General Information
Classification Dracosauria pyroxia
Species Type Dracosaur
Homeworld Gaia
Environment Anywhere, commonly in polar regions
Intelligence Sapient
Biochemistry Carbon-based
Biological Information
Lifespan 280-300 human years
Average Height 14-16 ft
Average Weight 5-6 tonnes
Average Length 45 ft
Wingspan 47-49 ft
Locomotion Quadraped, Biped when reared back
Feeding Behavior Omnivore
Prey Any
Predators None, Apex
Cladogramatical Information
Cultural Information
Alignment Chaotic good, Lawful good
Personality Honorable, short tempered
Organization Democrarchy
Language(s) Dracosaurian
Leaders Formerly Zu'rom, Currently Rag'nar Hellcleaver as representor of Pyron and leader of Dracosaurs
Scientific Taxonomy
Planet Gaia
Genus Dracosauria
Species pyroxia
Other Information
Status Least Concern
Creator Rhinocavalry42

Known Members Edit

Sibling Trio (all part luxanon and part orc)

  • Rag'nar Hellcleaver
  • Bru'nak
  • Magora

Zu'rom (half orc, mate of Xenadras, father of trio, and former representor of the pyron)

Mika Hellcleaver (daughter of Rag'nar and next in line for the title, also part human)

Description Edit

Pyron Dracosaurs have a red feather coloration range from Salmon to Carmine and have an Apricot underbelly. Their heads resemble that of a tyrannosaur and have three horns on their head, two horns above the brows and a single nose horn that resemble that of a triceratops. Their tails have a row of spines that runs down the sides similar to that of Gastonia. They also have specialized glands in thier throats that contain a gasoline like substance that (when mixed with the oxygen and hydrogen) can be used to breathe fire.

Personality Edit

The pyron are the more serious of dracosaurs and usually are the most espressive of their mood and tend to be short tempered. They can be irritated rather easily and can (and have been known for) go into a rage when a loved one is harmed or assaulted (some saying that it would make the Hulk look calm in comparison). They are however very honorable and have great respect for the luxanon. However they have generally have a grudge against glaciron dracosaurs as they usually insult the pyron just for entertainment.

In society Edit

When it comes to battle, the pyron are the most dangerous adversary to face and are the most common warriors. A common tactic of the pyron is to work themselves into a rage and become berserkers, amplifying their stamina and brutality, though they can be a danger to their allies if the rage is allowed to run rampant. Another common tactic is to fly around and, using their flames, scortch the field, though this can be rather risky as they have to get relatively close to their target, allowing for an easy counterattack.

Out of battle, pyron will often be seen with engineers and blacksmiths as their fires are quite valued due to the fact that they're the only known fires to be able to melt Ultimantium. Other than that, they can be seen in a veriaty of fields and professions.

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