Psitacio Spore
Age Unspecified
Gender Male
Species Psittacisapien
Homeworld Unspecified (immigrant to Omess)
Affiliation Freelance

Psitacio is a Psittacisapien who greeted those arriving on Omess within the general location of Stohik's encampment. He was particularly pessimistic in his attitude and immediately assumed many, including the omnipotent Wygonakan Accountant-Admiral Feroc Orico would perish soon after their arrival on-world. Though he was present for The Great Threat, he did not participate in its playing out beyond informing the survivors of the nearby settlement where he had seen a large cluster of tentacles emerge, which happened to be very close nearby. Though he had seen an earlier group, led by a Jigoku and a Crozo nomad, enter the area, he did not see this information as important nor relevant to those entering afterwards, even though he heard their blaster fire and the screams of battle and slaughter. He was more than a little surprised when he the tentacles all fell and the sounds of battle ceased, especially after realizing that the Wygonakan had actually survived the encounter.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • His name is taken as a mutation of both his species name, Psittacisapien, and pistachio.