Pride of Dosganna

The Pride of Dosganna is the capital ship of the Vhalslaskian Empire. It is the enforcer of nature and harmony. Generally it is escorted by an Eyeconian War Frigate, issued to it by their allies, the <<>> Empire, whom likely purchased the vessels from the Eyecon Empire.


  • Mini Laser
  • Mini Proton Missile

Fates of the Pride of Dosganna FleetEdit

  • Pride ɑ: After a successful test flight, the weapon systems were tested upon a massive Hairy Gordo. Unfortunately, the captain did not realize that the epic creature could spit flames and soon the vessel was in dire straits. Despite the captain's requests for immediate repair, the researchers and stellar program crew believed that it was not important enough to immediately fix the vessel, and that it would just detract from the citizen's excitement for the space program. This culminated in the discovery of an eradicated ruined city on the nearby world in their home system, and then a short exploration of the fiery moon of Dosganna. Unfortunately, the ship was ill-prepared due to its sustained damage from the Hairy Gordo, and when a plume of lava burst upwards, it was destroyed. Realizing their folly, the scientists quickly rebuilt the ship and cloned the captain and crew, hoping to hide its initial failure from the populace. This was a one-time thing, and was against their general belief system.
  • Pride β: The Pride β currently serves the Vhalslaskian Empire, aided by a solitary Eyeconian War Frigate.
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